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Get the smile you want
with dental implants

Implants are the best option for achieving a natural look feel and function to natural teeth.

Why dental implants may be right for me?
What if I am missing one tooth?
What if I am missing multiple teeth?
How can implants help me with my denture that doesn't fit?
What can I do if I have bone loss because of missing teeth?

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

Implants  allow you to smile, speak and eat with confidence.
Implants preserve the bone after loss of one or more teeth
Implants support your cheeks and lips which preserves the shape of your face


Dr. Foster can provide implant services ranging from bone preservation to implant placement to placing the crowns, bridges or denture over the implants.


single tooth implant for one missing tooth

An advantage of dental implants is that other teeth do not need to be affected. Once the implant is placed and has been restored with a natural looking tooth, it can be maintained for a lifetime with proper care.

bridge supported by implants

When more than one tooth is missing, teeth can be replaced with an implant supported bridge. This bridge once placed becomes a long lasting part of your smile.

implant-supported overdenture

An implant-supported overdenture is a denture that is held in place by dental implants which allows the gums underneath to be free of irritation. This type of denture allows the denture to stay in place and makes it easier to eat, talk and smile.

There is also no need to use glue with the denture which makes it less messy.

Let us help you get your smile back with dental implants.

bone loss after missing teeth

When a tooth is missing, the bone shrinks which can affect the success of the implant.


Dr. Foster may place a bone graft material to help restore the bone back to its natural state. This bone graft gives the implant the support it needs to become a stable part of your jaw.

candidates for dental implants

Dental implants are an excellent option for adults with missing teeth, severely decayed teeth, or root canal failures.

If you want a more confident smile or the ability to eat the foods you want, give Dr. Foster a call today to learn more about how dental implants can help.

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